When the Bay Froze Over in 1977

Townpoint, 1977, Source: Becke

Doug Muir. The first year I purchased the home, the Chesapeake Bay froze clean across. I think it was '77, '78. There were people driving around in automobiles out here on the Bay. In fact, one fellow down here at North Beach borrowed his girl friend's car to buy a pack of cigarettes. And when he got down to North Beach, he noticed there were cars doing all kinds of spins and everything out on the ice. So he decided he was going to do the same thing. He went out and he hit a soft spot and his girl friend lost her car. I skated around the mouth of Rockhold Creek and up the creek, several times. The last time I tried it was, I think, years ago, I guess -- anyway, I fell in. But it was only about two feet deep. The skate blades were so narrow, it covered such a little area, and I'm so heavy, I just went in.

Bob and I walked to Skipper's Pier--it only took us about two minutes from Arkhaven in January 1994. That was the last time it was frozen out here. It was about a foot thick, even in the channel. It was a great thing.

Fun on the Ice

Frozen Bay with Cove Club. Courtesy of T. Hudson

Sled. Courtesy of B. Malloy

Go-Cart. Courtesy of B. Malloy

Skating on the Lake, Jan. 2000. Courtesy of S. Smith