Overview of possible changes in Herring Bay wetlands as a result of sea level rise
Maps for each area show effects of sea level changes at three intervals:
- half meter (about 1 and a half feet)
- 1 meter (~ 3 feet), and
- 2 meters (~ 6 and a half feet)
Source for maps of sea level rise:
Source for maps of existing wetlands and topography:

Links to maps:
Existing wetlands - Deale > Rosehaven, 2016
Mid-Bay overview of sea level rise
Trotts Branch - sea level rise
Town Point and Genoa Rd. sea level rise
Fairhaven Cove sea level rise
Topo map--Herring Bay, Trotts Branch > Genoa, & Cove

Herring Bay Wetlands - 2016
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Herring Bay wetlands - screen shot April, 2016

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Mid-bay sea level rise in meters

Trotts Branch

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Trotts Branch - sea level rise

Town Point and Genoa Rd. Wetlands
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Town Point & Genoa Rd. wetlands- sea level rise

Fairhaven Cove
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Fairhaven Cove -sea level rise

USGS topo map - screen shot April, 2016
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USGS topo map -Herring Bay 2016

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