Sporting Life

Sporting Life

Baseball in Arkhaven and Town Point in the 1930s

Lloyd Tibbott. For some 15 or more years Arkhaven had a baseball team. At first we played on the reservation, but soon we outgrew this. Later we played Sunday games with the Town Point Team on their diamond beyond Howard Marshall’s house. This was fine except for the field which was on quite a hill. Only Clarence Keiser was able to calculate the incline of the hill and the trajectory of the ball with any degree of accuracy. Probably our best team was made up of Chet Lindstrom at first base---he could bring in practically anything thrown in his direction; Ralph Nagle was agile at second, while “Duck” Camp, who had played professional ball, was terrific at short. Third base was held down by Donald Dunnnington, who, although young, had terrific potential….Bryan Leet pitched for the Town Point team and he was tough except for Connie, who hit him as though he owned him.

The last few years were played at Fairview, which was just starting to develop. We had more space there, and Clarence wrangled some used base bags from the Washington Senators so we were well equipped. Then along came World War II and by the time it was over, Fairview houses had overtaken our diamond, and Father Time had left his imprint on our players—they were willing but no longer able. (July 22, 1972)

Volleyball Tournament
Editors' note: Thanks to the tireless efforts of Deb Gingell and many others, the volleyball tournament celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013!
Volleball tournament, 2013

Volleyball tournament, early 1990s