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Is Fairhaven One Word or Two?

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Is "Fairhaven" One Word or Two Words?

Kathy Gramp. According to historian David C. Holly, the estate owned by James Harwood in 1820 was known as Fair Haven and that name came to be applied to the area at-large (see Holly's book, Tidewater by Steamboat, 1991). The subdivision plats for Fair Haven-by-the-Bay and Fair Haven Cliffs also split the name into two words. However, as you can read in the following link, the Fifth report of the Geographic Board for 1890-1920 officially made Fairhaven one word in 1919, reflecting a general preference for making compound names one word and for conforming to local usage. Fairhaven is on this list, on about page 125. It's WAY down the page. Some of the introductory text might interest you. If not, just use the "find" function to take you to our listing.
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House Names

Editors note: According to Ed Becke, Tom Hudson, and Merritt Booth's 1954 map, some families "named" their houses. See the list below for the ones we know about so far:

Paul McDonald. I think the names people had for their houses stemmed from the English custom of naming houses rather than having number street addresses. The Irish didn't do that so most of the Irish-owned houses at Fairhaven don't have names. During the whole time we summered there nobody had an address.The houses that had names had lettered signs or symbol signs, like a black cat. Some were the resident's name, like Streeter and Demas. I am reminded of an IBM student coming to me (a teacher) and asking that I send him a copy of a new edition of a manual when it came out. I asked for his address and he said, "IBM Istanbul". I said , "Is that all?" and he replied, "We are well known in Istanbul." We all knew each other at Fairhaven.(Oct 20, 2011).

Pop's Inn -- Currently Ed Becke. Source: Ed Becke
Tumble Inn -- Currently Richard Ronay. Source: Ed Becke
Lombardi Lodge (named after Lombardi Poplars on the property-- Currently David and Elizabeth Berry. Source: Ed Becke
Top O' the World -- 6656 Highview Terrace. Source: Martha Ross
Solace -- 402 Arundel Rd. Source: Kathy Gramp, Ed Becke
Seventh Heaven -- 404 Arundel Rd. Source; Ed Becke
Keystone Lodge (family was from Pennsylvania) -- 6640 Eleanore Ave. Source: Ed Becke
Tooth Acres -- 6636 Chesapeake Terrace. Source: sign on property, 2011.
The Two Olives - 6507 Clagett. Source: George Demas (The cottage was named after the wife and daughter of former owner Ralph Pollio, the managing director of the Mayflower hotel. Both women were named Olive.)
Shamrock -- 505 Howard. Source: Tom Hudson
Anchors Away -- 6437 Weems Ave. Source: Booth Map and Tom Hudson
Isle of View (aka "I love you") Source: Tom Hudson
Rainbow's End. Source: Tom Hudson
Black Cat. Source: Booth map
Red Top. Source: Booth map
Lake View. Source: Booth map
Seagull. Source: Booth Map
Three J's ?. Source: Booth map
Three Ridges? Source: Booth map