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Halloween in July, 1937

Fourth of July: Picnics, Parades and Parties
Sonia Linebaugh. Owings Cliffs and Fairhaven Cliffs join every summer to celebrate the Fourth of July with a parade of kids and their parents and grandparents up the short stiff hill of Eleanore Avenue to Kudzu Valley and back. The tradition was the idea of Mollie Ruppert and Barbara Malloy.

Really hot summers, paraders might get their feet hosed with cool water as they pass the Linebaughs at 6624. After the parade, the folks on the Owings side host a community picnic. Almost anyone who ever spent a happy summer in the Cliffs shows up to eat hot dogs and burgers, and home-made sides, while getting reacquainted and meeting the people who now live in “their house.” Kids get their own cake walk, vying for several dozen delicious creations baked and donated by the Owings’ ladies. (October, 2011)

Holly Wisner Feist. One of my fondest memories is the Fourth of July celebration in Fairhaven during the 1960's. My father, Jim Wisner, used to make his famous "Jim-Burgers" for everyone in the Cliff's Community. The adults would make the children practice "ohhhing and ahhhing" before the fireworks started. Mr Hoyle would spell his last name in gasoline in the sand on the beach, and then light it on fire. We kids would take M-80 firecrackers out to the swimming platform and blow them up. My best Fourth of July's were spent in Fairhaven! (October, 2011)

July 4 1966 or 1967. Source: Malloy


Leslie and Barbara Smith 2008. Source: Linebaugh

Leslie & Barbara Smith, Jake Hines, 2008

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Source: Becke

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Crab Feasts in Fair Haven Cliffs
Joe Veith and friends ~ late 1980s. Source: Foust
Kathy Gramp
. From 1986 until 1997, the community of Fair Haven Cliffs hosted a neighborhood crab feast each October, usually on Columbus Day weekend. We owe our crab feast heritage to Bill Mohney, the kind soul who volunteered to be president of our civic association in 1986. He came by my house that summer to talk about ways to raise money to rebuild the stairs to the big beach, which were pretty rickety after years of neglect. He proposed having a Hawaiian Luau with pig roast. Not a bad idea for a beach community, but not optimal for non-meat eaters like me. So I did what I often do—I suggested having my husband Scott and his brother Steve cook crabs for all of us.

The morning of our first crab feast was chaotic—Does anyone have any tables? Who has matches? Oh no, it's raining! By the time our 60 or so guests arrived we had swept and cleaned Steve and Barbara's garage, squeezed the tables into every corner, fired up the pots, and shared a few laughs and beers. In true Fairhaven form, the winners of the 50-50 drawing, Steve Wingard’s friends Jack and Lynn (?), gave their take to the community for the new stairs.

Within a few years, we were cooking and serving more than 20 bushels of crabs to over 200 neighbors, friends and families in a day-long block party on Eleanore Avenue across from Ruppert’s lot. Under the watchful eye of Justine Veith, our guests feasted on a smorgasbord of salads and desserts prepared by the neighborhood’s many fantastic cooks, which were carefully arranged on tables in Fred and Joele Michaud’s garage. Scott and Steve supplied the crabs while others ran the bar, grilled hot dogs, sold 50-50 tickets, orchestrated games for kids, and cleared tables for the next platter of crabs. In 1998, the supply of crabs dropped, prices rose, and we ran out of gas. Happily, the camaraderie created by our efforts lives on. (January 26, 2011)
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Cocktail Parties
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Toni Day
Pat Keegan Grigsby. The ladies would get together on a week day and give each other home permanents. This involved rinsing and rolling and potions that smelled just awful! But when they were waiting for the timer to go off, one of them was mixing gin and lemonade for the refreshing Tom Collins. We would run in quickly and get lunch, trying to avoid the smell and we knew there would be no real dinner that night, we were on our own on Toni Day! (January 6, 2011)
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Cheese Parties" (Barbara Becke Smith)

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